UC Board of Regents approve 2018-19 budget plan with reduced tuition

The University of California Board of Regents today (July 19) approved the university’s revised 2018-19 budget plan, which reflects increases in state funding, keeps the student service fee at its current level and reduces tuition by $60.

The tuition reduction — from its current $11,502 annually to $11,442 annually — results from the end of a temporary surcharge instituted in fall 2007 to recoup damages from two earlier class-action lawsuits, Kashmiri v. Regents and Luquetta v. Regents. By fall 2018, nearly all of those costs will be fully recovered.

The student services fee will remain at $1,128 a year.

The approved regents item may be accessed here.

The class-action lawsuits, one filed in 2003 and the other in 2007, stemmed from claims made by students at UC’s professional schools that the university raised their tuition without sufficient notice. The university disagreed, but lost both cases on appeal. In total, the litigation process cost the university nearly $100 million.