UC statement in support of Attorney General Becerra’s lawsuit over DACA

The University of California today (Sept. 11) issued the following statement on the lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra regarding the DACA program:

The University of California stands in full support of the lawsuit filed today (Sept. 11) in federal court by our state attorney general, Xavier Becerra, that challenges the Trump administration’s announced rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA. The university filed its own lawsuit Friday (Sept. 8) that asks the court to prevent the rescission on the grounds that abruptly ending the program on little more than an unreasoned presidential whim is unlawful and unconstitutional. California is home to more than 200,000 individuals who have been granted the temporary legal right to live, study and work in the United States under the DACA program. These Dreamers, the largest group of DACA recipients in our country, are valued members of our California communities. UC will work together with our state government to ensure that these young people remain able to continue the productive lives they have established in the only nation they know as home.