University of California campus guidelines on determining disciplinary actions

The University of California Office of the President announced today (Thursday, May 9, 2024) guiding principles for use by UC campuses in determining disciplinary actions:

• UC campuses support and protect nonviolent and lawful protests. We do all we can within the law to facilitate freedom of expression and a vibrant exchange of ideas, while also maintaining a safe environment and access to university facilities for all members of our community.

• All members of the UC community remain subject to all applicable laws and relevant codes of conduct, even while engaging in protest activities. 

• Any member of the university community who is arrested for unlawful behavior or cited for a violation of university policy must go through the applicable review process, such as student code of conduct or employee disciplinary process.

• UC community members found to violate university policy or campus codes of conduct will be held accountable in a manner appropriate to the situation and consistent with campus processes. 

• People not affiliated with the university who are involved in criminal activity on UC campuses will be prosecuted by the appropriate agencies in the relevant jurisdictions.