University of California files injunction to end UAW strike

The University of California filed for injunctive relief with the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) today, seeking to enjoin UAW’s strike. Allowing the strike to continue will cause the University and its students irreparable harm — UAW members play a critical role in year-end activities like teaching, grading, and ongoing time-sensitive research.

UAW’s strike is unlawful because the goal is to pressure the University to concede to a list of politically motivated demands closely linked to the protests occurring across California and the nation. While the University continues to support free speech, lawful protests, and its community’s right to engage in the same, UAW is a labor union and its negotiations with the University must be tied to terms and conditions of employment and terms in the collective bargaining agreement. Further, the University has closed contracts with “no strikes” provisions for all UAW bargaining units that prohibit work stoppages during the term of the agreement.

UC reiterates our support for free speech and lawful protests and recognizes the seriousness of the concerns its community raised about the conflict in the Middle East. The University has allowed — and will continue to allow — lawful protesting activities surrounding the conflict in the Middle East.

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