Carbon Neutrality Initiative

The 10 scalable solutions

More details on each of these solutions can be found in the executive summary of "Bending the Curve." A full report will be published in spring 2016.

V. "Ram" Ramanathan

UC researchers present 10 scalable solutions for climate change

These solutions offer a practical framework outlining both immediate and longer-term actions for moving toward carbon neutrality.

solar panels

California universities launch experiment to go carbon-neutral 'at scale'

UC pledges to stop contributing to climate change while going about its normal business. Can the lessons we’re learning here be scaled up to the nation and the world? 

Wind turbines

Bending the curve on climate change for California and the world

UC’s top climate experts are convening to create a practical blueprint for tackling climate change in advance of the Paris United Nations Climate Summit.

student climbs outdoor stairs

UC launches Cool Campus Challenge in a push toward carbon neutrality

'We’re on our way to becoming the very first university system to wipe out our carbon footprint for good.'

UC President Napolitano and UC Merced basketball players

UC president’s whirlwind Merced visit covers many bases

Third campus visit touches on affordability, sustainability and outreach to local high-schoolers.

west village buildings with bicyclist

West Village marches toward zero net energy

Nation’s largest planned zero net energy community is 82 percent on the way to its goal.

portobello mushrooms

Making batteries with portobello mushrooms

Can mushrooms stop cell phone batteries from degrading over time? Engineering researchers at UC Riverside think so.

To the rescue: Berkeley names Faculty Climate Action Champion

Whendee Silver's work in soils and carbon earned her recognition as part of UC's Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

Roland Winston, Director of UC Solar

Sun and salt: how solar tech can help California’s drought

Researchers at UC Merced are turning to an unlikely ally to help solve the problem of water availability for California’s farmlands: the sun.