UC Riverside Ventura fault

Ventura fault could cause stronger shaking, new research finds

The fault has a staircase-like structure, which would result in more damage during an earthquake.

Neal Driscoll UC San Diego

New fault discovered in earthquake-prone Southern California region

Scientists discover a feature that may be helping forestall new quakes near the San Andreas fault.

Italy earthquakes UCLA

UCLA civil engineer to lead Italy earthquake research team

New group to investigate geological aspects of the devastating August tremblor sequence.

UC San Diego earthquake testing

UC San Diego conducts first-of-its-kind seismic testing on 6-story building

Simulated temblors to go as high as the 2010 8.8-magnitude quake in Chile.

Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks

UC Berkeley scientists study bugs' crawling secret to build a better search and rescue robot.

UC Riverside researcher finds potential for a double earthquake

Temblor on one fault can spread to another more easily than previously thought, with serious implications for Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Close to safety: U.S. launches smart quake alert prototype

White House plans to expand earthquake early warning system developed at UC Berkeley.


Scientists map source of Northwest’s next big quake

Ocean-bottom seismometers help explain the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate that causes megathrust earthquakes.

man in bed with cell phone

Mobile app would bring earthquake early warning to all

How an early-warning system would work in practice, beginning with the first blaring alarm from a cellphone: 'Earthquake! Drop, cover and hold on! Strong shaking expected!'

Ventura beach

Central Coast cities at significant tsunami risk

A quake centered below the Santa Barbara Channel could send inundating waves toward Ventura and Oxnard.