Crowdsourcing data used to predict World Cup winners

Algorithms created by cognitive scientist that aggregate opinions are on goal.

Study finds that learning by repetition impairs recall of details

When learning, practice doesn’t always make perfect and nuanced aspects may fade away, neurobiologists find.
woman in chair

How posture and gestures affect state of mind

Most are aware of the mind-body connection — how mental processes can affect a person's physical state. But what about the reverse? Berkeley Wellness reports on how body position, even facial expressions may influence how we think, feel and behave.
U.S. Marine

War and Peace (of mind)

Meditation training may help reduce stress disorders among U.S. military personnel.

Link between e-cigarettes and mental health

Persons with mental health conditions are found more likely to use nicotine-delivery devices.
girl with fingers crossed behind her back

Lied-to children more likely to cheat and lie

When adults are dishonest with their offspring, the children mirror that behavior.

Share that happy feeling via Facebook

Moods, both good and bad, are downright contagious through social media.

You should be ashamed — or maybe not

Sociologist examines the ubiquity of shame and its role in aggression and depression.
preschool children at play

Preschoolers outsmart college students at figuring out gizmos

Tots outperform college students in certain learning tasks because they are more flexible and less biased in their ideas about cause and effect.
UC Riverside baseball

Better batting through brain training

UC Riverside’s baseball team struck out less frequently in the 2013 season after taking part in brain-training research that significantly improved the vision of individual players.