movie theater

Oscar bait or pandering to the audience?

Researchers reveal the logic behind the tough decisions studios make about what films to make.
Golden Globe winners

Alumni glow in TV spotlight

Andy Samberg, Cary Fukunaga bring home Golden Globes for TV work.
Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles mayor

Assignment: assembling a portrait of L.A.

City project allows photographer to take an unorthodox view of Los Angeles.
Georges Van Den Abbeele

New humanities dean brings eclectic background to the job

Georges Van Den Abbeele, a polyglot and digital champion with roots on two continents, truly is a citizen of the world.

Professors collaborate on ‘New Orleans Suite’

New book explores the changing cultural scene in the iconic city since Hurricane Katrina.

Incubating inspiration in the humanities

Celebrating its 25-year annniversary, Townsend Center for the Humanities is igniting free-ranging conversations among faculty and students.

Medical students learn through song

UCSF pathologist uses power of song to teach hard-to-learn facts

Exploring new ways to search for lost da Vinci mural

UC San Diego researchers make progress in search for masterpiece.