Campus Housing

Campuses have met the growing calls for housing by employing short-term strategies, such as turning double-occupancy rooms into triples and converting study areas to temporary quarters. These solutions, however, are not sustainable or desirable for the long term.

Last year, UC President Janet Napolitano announced a housing initiative aimed at supporting current students and future enrollment growth across the UC system. Through the initiative, we expect to add nearly 14,000 beds over the next four years. 

Each campus has been tasked with developing its own goals to ensure it has sufficient, affordable housing for its students that aligns with the specific needs of the campus and the surrounding community. Senior UC Office of the President leadership is working with the campuses to facilitate accelerated development of projects that are already underway and to identify new funding options, such as third-party financing, that could help ensure the affordability of new projects.

Learn more information about the housing initiative.

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