Your call today will make a difference for millions of Californians now and for generations to come.

The Budget Conference Committee is about to make a final decision about investment in the University of California system and we believe that three of its members, Senators Holly Mitchell, Richard Roth and Nancy Skinner, can help shape it in support of UC.

Last year, UC didn’t raise tuition while also adding thousands of new California students – all with one-time funding. Those dollars run out July 1 if the legislature doesn’t take action. It’s critical that these leaders hear from you today!

It takes just a few minutes to call a legislator – all you have to do is enter your information and wait for your phone to ring.

Tips for making a call:

  • Expect to speak with a staff member and be prepared to provide your name, town, and, possibly, your zip code.
  • Did you reach the office’s voicemail? That’s OK: leave a message!
  • Explain that you're calling because you support the future of UC and want the legislature to increase its ongoing funding. A strong UC is a strong California!
  • When you’re done, make sure to thank the staff member for talking with you, and let them know that UC greatly appreciates their time and support!