On March 13th a student forum was held at UCLA on tuition, public funding & the state of the UC budget.

UC Student Regent Paul Monge, Student Regent-Designate Devon Graves, UCSA President Judith Gutierrez and Student Advisor Rafi Sands led the student forum. They were joined by UC Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom, UC Regent George Kieffer and several campus Chancellors to discuss the UC budget, where UC gets its funding, and the need for additional state investment.

Additional questions discussed included:

  • What are the primary components of the UC’s $34 billion budget?
  • Where does the UC get its funding, and why does it need a funding increase this year? What specifically would additional dollars be spent on, and how would those expenditures support students?
  • What would happen if the state did not provide a 2018 funding increase sufficient to meet the needs of UC campuses?