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We train half of California’s doctors, are the state's third-largest employer and generate $21 in economic output for every $1 invested by the State. See how UC's contributions are creating a better California in 2024.

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Zabdi Velazquez smiles at the camera wearing colorful garlands around his neck and a graduation gown.
“I would say to other first-gen and transfer students, like we say in Spanish, sí, se puede: it is possible.”

Zabdi Velásquez, UC Riverside Class of 2023, UCLA Ph.D. candidate

A diverse group of undergrads walks on a path emerging from a tunnel
Social mobility, supercharged

UC just welcomed its largest-ever class of freshmen from underrepresented groups. We serve more low-income, first-gen, and transfer students than any other top-ranked U.S. research university. And first-gen students thrive here, graduating at high rates and out-earning their parents within five years of their degree.

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UC enrolls its largest class in history 

The number of undergraduates rose to a record-breaking 233,272, with California students comprising 83.4 percent. Out-of-state enrollment dipped to its lowest level since 2017.

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82% of undergrads come from California

2 out of 3 California students who applied last year got in.

54% of California undergrads pay no tuition

UC has one of the strongest financial aid programs in the nation. 

86% of undergrads earn a diploma

Most students complete their studies in just over four years.