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AI for California

UC researchers use tech to tackle our biggest problems, from climate change to homelessness to traffic jams and more.

AI at a crossroads

Artificial intelligence is helping us live healthier, work smarter and learn faster. It’s also threatening jobs, increasing inequity and endangering democracy. At UC, we’re maximizing the good, defending against the bad, and charting the course toward a genuinely intelligent future.

Inside UC’s AI leadership

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Safiya Noble smiles faintly for a portrait wearing a cool leather jacket
“We hold certain values, and we want to ensure they are met. How do we optimize our technology to promote more of the values we want?”

Safiya Umoja Noble
Director of the Center on Race & Digital Justice, UCLA

How AI discriminates

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Three fixes for AI’s bias problem

Everywhere there’s artificial intelligence, there’'s the risk of it amplifying inequity.

UC research is rooting out tech bias

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Shrinking AI’s carbon footprint

UC Santa Cruz scientists developed a ChatGPT-like model that runs on a lightbulb’s-worth of energy, making it 50 times more efficient than comparable systems.

How they did it

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82% of undergrads come from California

2 out of 3 California students who applied last year got in.

54% of California undergrads pay no tuition

UC has one of the strongest financial aid programs in the nation. 

86% of undergrads earn a diploma

Most students complete their studies in just over four years.