The University of California is vigilantly monitoring and responding to new information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has been declared a global health emergency.

12:50 pm    May 4, 2020

UC hospitals gradually resume essential services based on 10 principles

The University of California’s hospitals announced today (May 4, 2020) a gradual resumption of essential services at all five medical centers across the state. Many procedures were postponed as part of preparedness for a possible surge of patients with COVID-19. Each UC Health location has developed resumption plans to meet the needs of its community while following 10 systemwide principles and receiving guidance from local public health officials.

Read more about how UC hospitals are gradually resuming essential services and find the 10 systemwide principles.

4:05 pm    April 23, 2020

UC's online high school opens its doors to students stuck at home

UC Scout offers free online college prep courses to California public school students and teachers, delivering state-of-the-art remote instruction. It provides the full range of courses needed for admission to UC and CSU, plus 26 Advanced Placement classes.  Daily use of UC Scout course material is up 234 percent since the shelter-in-place order went into effect,

1:45 pm    April 7, 2020

Inside Higher Ed: Federal research is the key to solving the COVID-19 crisis

We are optimistic that a clear path forward for the U.S. and the world can be identified, write UC President Janet Napolitano and UC Health Executive Vice President Dr. Carrie L. Byington in a new opinion piece.

Our nation’s public research universities are one resource that can help light the way. Researchers across the University of California and our associated health centers are already engaged in more than 300 research initiatives designed to combat COVID-19.