Our commitment

The University of California plays a seminal role in creating the technological, economic and social benefits that Californians enjoy.

UC research contributed to the foundational research breakthroughs that launched some of California’s most iconic industries, including aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, computers and semiconductors, telecommunications, and digital media.

From the fiber-optic network switch, which enables the exchange of information across the modern internet; to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which transformed medical diagnostics; to the Camarosa and Albion strawberry varieties, which are the most common strawberry varieties grown worldwide; to drugs such as the Hepatitis B vaccine Recombivax HB, the Human Growth Hormone drug Protropin, and the prostate cancer drug XTANDI, the impact of discoveries made at UC is felt worldwide.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to leverage the scale and diversity of UC’s 10 campuses, six academic health centers and three affiliated national labs to build a vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial culture across the system. Our three priority areas of focus are:

  • Stimulating an environment of research innovation and creativity

  • Investing in UC entrepreneurs and technologies

  • Structuring the UC system to actively support innovation and entrepreneurship