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Credit: University of California

UC has led the investment of millions in support of Northern New Mexico communities, including $566,750 in scholarships for local students in 2017.

For 75 years, the University of California has been part of the vibrant economy and life of the community in the state of New Mexico. During that time, UC has worked closely with state leaders to propel New Mexico to the forefront of science and innovation, in fields as wide-ranging as space exploration, medicine, renewable energy and climate change.

Throughout the three-quarters of a century that UC has managed Los Alamos National Laboratory — the largest technology employer in Northern New Mexico — the university and its partners have invested significant resources in local communities, providing millions in support to small businesses, student groups and charitable organizations. As a nonprofit institution, UC is unwavering in its commitment to scientific integrity and to ensuring that the laboratory continues to serve as an economic engine for communities where New Mexicans live, work and thrive.

As a leading academic research institution with global reach, UC attracts world-renowned scientists to New Mexico. The work of these individuals, in turn, attracts investments from across the country and spurs new businesses that help fuel the state’s economy.

Since 2006, UC and its partners have invested nearly $10 million in STEM education in Northern New Mexico.
Credit: University of California


UC has led the investment of millions in support for New Mexico businesses, employees, students, schools and community organizations, including:

  • $9 million in economic development investment that has led to $57.5 million in revenue growth, $140 million in new financing, support for nearly 1,000 companies, and $57 million in salaries since 2006.
  • $3.6 million invested into 60 businesses since 2006, supporting nearly 700 jobs and leading to approximately $160 million in economic activity across New Mexico through the Regional Development Corporation Venture Acceleration Fund.
  • Technical assistance to New Mexico small businesses that they wouldn’t otherwise receive, including access to special equipment and facilities as well as testing and design support.
  • Nearly $10 million invested in STEM education in Northern New Mexico since 2006.
  • $566,750 in scholarships for 95 Northern New Mexico students in 2017.
  • $3.5 million raised for nonprofits in 2016.