Business & economics

U.S. News ranks UC graduate schools among nation's best

Dozens of programs in business, education, engineering, law and medicine make magazine's annual rankings.

Bitcoin or bust?

Scholars dissect the popular — and polarizing — digital currency.

Research universities create economic spillover

A $1 increase in university spending generates an 89 cent increase in local labor income.
computer hacking

Companies join forces to stop hackers

Anti-malware company co-founded by UC Riverside alumnus is bought by company valued at $1 billion.

Great Recession pushes millions of adult children home

In California, older adults are paying a steep price for housing their boomerang kids.

License to ill

Firms that engaged in prior socially responsible behavior are more likely to then engage in socially irresponsible behavior.

Government aid: like parent, like offspring

Parents’ use of government assistance likely drives use in next generation.

When mom is CEO at home, career takes a back seat

It’s often said that women can have it all – motherhood and a successful career. But a new study suggests that women who rule the household have less energy for or interest in being a rising star in the workplace.
Punching the time clock

Poverty risk for state's temp workers

Temporary employees, from landscapers to programmers, are more likely to receive government assistance such as food stamps or Medicaid.
UC Santa Barbara oil spill X CHALLENGE

Winner of $1 Million X CHALLENGE has roots at UC Santa Barbara's Bren School

Innovative grooved-skimmer technology will transform oil spill response efforts.