Ensuring inclusive campus environments for LGBT students, faculty and staff

New measures address self-identification of orientation and identity, and gender-neutral facilities.
UCLA commencement

New UC grads share tales of triumph

As UC's newly minted grads look forward to embarking on a bright new chapter, we profile a few whose extraordinary grit and determination brought them to the place they are today.

Women in computing photo illustration (iStock)

Breaking the 'bro' barrier

Tech companies are funding research to find strategies to recruit and retain women and minorities in computer science majors.
McNair Program students

Diverse undergraduates discover pathway to Ph.D.

McNair Program prepares underrepresented students for the rigors of graduate study.

Program targets next generation of physicians to advance Latino health

Prep Médico will provide scholarships, mentorship and internship opportunities, intensive language training and more, to expand diversity in medicine.
Haojun Li and Forrest Sam

Chinese students test the waters of free speech

More than 1,600 students from China are navigating the nuances of free speech at Berkeley.
Reza Aslan

Fear of Islam in America

Reza Aslan challenges the stigmas and stereotypes affecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Faculty approve undergraduate diversity requirement

Policy takes effect for freshmen entering UCLA College this fall and transfer students entering in fall 2017.
David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay

True colors: Hollywood’s diversity dilemma

The country has never been so diverse — but not so in Hollywood. The numbers of nonwhite and female actors and others in the entertainment industry remain distressingly low.
Jerry Kang

Law professor named UCLA’s first vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion

Jerry Kang draws praise for his commitment to fairness and his leadership skills.