Mario Garcia

Latino profiles defy stereotypes

A book by UC Santa Barbara professor Mario García offers young Latinos a new narrative.
man/science fiction photo illustration

Science fiction through lens of racial inclusiveness

Prestigious grant will fund a yearlong exploration of ethnic futurisms.

Physics Girl wins national competition

Outreach coordinator creates YouTube videos that encourage girls to pursue science.
Carlos Cortés

Professor edits new encyclopedia on multiculturalism in America

Carlos Cortés, professor emeritus of history, worked as lead editor for "Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia."
David Blackwell

Life stories of early black faculty offer window onto history

Eighteen African American faculty and senior administrators, hired before the advent of affirmative-action policies in the 1970s, recount their stories in an oral-history series.
Walnut Grove community, 1925

Rare documentary about early Japanese immigrants resurfaces

After 30 years, film about first-generation Issei in California reaches new audiences.
Eitaro Ishigaki

Bringing attention to overlooked artists

Art history professor is on a detective mission to find works produced by Asian-American artists from the early 20th century.
Nailah Seale and Daril Brown

Faculty inspire Howard grads to pursue Ph.D. at UC San Diego

Bioengineers were among first members of UC San Diego Howard Partnership for Graduate Student Success.

Schools in U.S. growing more separate, still unequal

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, schools nationwide are becoming more segregated for African Americans and Latinos.

UC aims to better serve community college transfers

Proposals seek to simplify and strengthen the pathway through which one in three undergraduates get to UC.