Ecology & environment

bristlecone pines

Weather stations help answer climate questions

UC Natural Reserve System network provides data to measure how changes are impacting wildlife.
Bullfrog sitting on leaf

Frog abnormalities not as common as feared

A 10-year study shows some good news for frogs and toads on national wildlife refuges: The rate of abnormalities such as shortened or missing legs was less than 2 percent overall.
Two wolves

Dogs trace roots to ancient Europe

Genetic analysis suggests an extinct population of wolves was domesticated by hunter-gatherers more than 18,000 years ago

Marine scientists track spread of sea star wasting disease

Mysterious outbreak has become widespread along the U.S. west coast over the past several months.
photograph of Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

UC wins green building Super Hero Award

The University of California has a hidden super power: It makes buildings turn green.
deep sea ecosystem - carbonates

World ocean systems undermined by climate change by 2100

Scientists warn against the high risk of degradation of marine ecosystems and the human hardships that may result.

Ban cigarette filters, urge researchers

Filtered ends are a toxic addition to litter problem.

California farmers face global pressures

Experts confront paradox of want in the land of plenty.

UC Berkeley steps up to the plastic-waste challenge

Stepping up to the global challenge of trying to keep plastic waste from clogging waterways, coastlines and landfills, UC Berkeley is the first university in the world to embrace the Plastic Disclosure Project.

Ocean acidification study clarifies effects of CO2

Might a penguin's next meal be affected by the exhaust from your tailpipe?