Ecology & environment

More pesticides linked to Parkinson's

A person's genetic makeup could increase his or her chance of developing the debilitating disease two- to six-fold after pesticide exposure.

New technique makes 'biogasoline' from plant waste

One day, you may fill up your tank with gasoline-like fuels made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste, using a new process invented by chemists at UC Davis.
tobacco smoke

Case against third-hand smoke gets stronger

Third-hand smoke — residue left on household, other surfaces — is linked to hyperactivity, significant damage in liver, lung, and slower healing of wounds.
wave machine

Seafloor carpet catches waves to generate energy

Power generation and water desalination are among potential applications.
dying pines

Climate's one-two punch

The combination of drought and warming climate may have major environmental consequences.

Ranchers anticipate devastating impact from drought

Ranching, which depends on rain-fed systems rather than groundwater or stored water, is particularly vulnerable.

Why state’s water woes could be just beginning

1976-77 drought could be mild in comparison: Paleoclimatologist believes we could be facing the driest water year in 500 years.
vernal pool

Merced Vernal Pools join Natural Reserve System

New addition to reserve system will offer research opportunities to faculty and students at adjacent UC Merced.

Oysters face twin threats

Predators and ocean acidification spell doom for once-prevalent Olympia oysters.
Donald Shoup

A chat with parking guru Donald Shoup

Donald Shoup, distinguished professor of urban planning in the Luskin School of Public Affairs, has become the nation’s oft-quoted, go-to expert on parking.