Politics & public policy

Shaping the message on climate change

Center eyes the power of language as key to effective communication of climate risks.

Schools in U.S. growing more separate, still unequal

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, schools nationwide are becoming more segregated for African Americans and Latinos.
President Obama and UCLA students at LAX

'Harold and Kumar' star offers peek into the West Wing

Students in Fiat Lux class taught by Kal Penn meet with President Obama at LAX

More extreme heat and drought in coming decades

Ten-degree increases in average high temperatures in some parts of the country are among projections in the National Climate Assessment.

State's undocumented immigrants use fewer health services than U.S.-born residents

Rate for undocumented adults' emergency department visits is significantly lower.

After single moms get laid off, their kids may suffer for years

Study finds children are less likely to graduate from high school and college, more likely to experience depression

Public college leaders unite in effort to graduate more students

UC President Napolitano joins CSU, community college leaders in pledging to streamline transfers and call on state to reinvest in higher education.
G. Cristina Mora

I say Hispanic. You say Latino. How did the whole thing start?

Sociologist traces the commercial, political and cultural interests that colluded in the 1970s to create a national Hispanic identity.
San Francisco skyline

Tackling urban problems with Big Data

From the classroom to the city, a UC Berkeley planning professor/entrepreneur is using Big Data to make a difference in urban life.

UC sponsors bill to close financial aid gap for undocumented students

Legislation would create an educational loan program for students who meet eligibility requirements under California state law AB 540.