Multiple sclerosis brain scan

How gut immune cells can fight multiple sclerosis

Scientists are learning how our guts connect to our brains.

Shocked older woman watching TV on an iPad

Study identifies a new way by which the human brain marks time

With a little help from HBO's “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” scientists learn more about how we process the flow of time.

Sugar boxes that say shock in a row

Sugar’s sick secrets: How industry forces have manipulated science to downplay the harm

The sugar industry has driven decades of biased research that shirk sugar's responsibility for chronic disease.

Sierra Nevada mountain range

Can our forests survive the next drought?

Researchers try to discover how many dry years plants can survive.

Two half-full beers on a sandy beach

UC’s most buzzworthy research of 2018

A looming beer shortage, the gender paradox and consumer products dominated the conversation this year.

Child on parent's shoulder in front of personal care products

Prenatal exposure to chemicals in personal care products may speed puberty in girls

Early onset puberty has been linked with an increased risk of mental illness and cancer.


Brain signature of depressed mood unveiled in new study

Direct recordings of the brain link memory, emotion and anxiety during low moods.

Alejandro Quiñones

Tiny desk, huge accomplishments – and his own bed

Undergrad Alejandro Quiñones is the first in his family to go to college — but already has his first author credit under his belt.

Researchers Yang and Gomez Pinilla

UCLA cell study reveals how head injuries lead to serious brain diseases

The first cell “atlas” of a hippocampus affected by traumatic brain injury is made.

Pie with one slice missing

How to make the best pie ever using science

What's going on in Grandma's recipe at a molecular level.