Two students of color working in a lab

Change is in the air

UC Santa Barbara joins group of 19 universities dedicated to a three-year effort to diversify faculty in STEM fields.

Beekeeper holding up rack filled with honeycomb and bees

Scientists developing new solutions for honeybee colony collapse

Bee researchers at four UC campuses will try to reverse the worldwide decline of this key pollinator, thanks to a new grant from the UC Office of the President.

Arianna Long portrait

Arianna’s long path to the stars

An astrophysicist faces the universe’s darkness with help from those around her and from the stars above her.

The Earth with flames on it

Greta is right, researchers say

A global team of scientists suggests extraordinary action on sustainability is necessary soon to avoid a dark future.

Human figure graphic

How worried should you be about the new coronavirus variant?

UCSF infectious disease expert Charles Chiu on how the new variant emerged, whether available vaccines will still work and what we need to do now.

Man with hands over his mouth

Developing a drug for stuttering

The UC Riverside School of Medicine will serve as a lead site for a clinical trial on stuttering.

Astronauts and a facility on Mars illustration

Making methane on Mars

How physicists are making a return trip from the Red Planet a possibility.

Gradient of UC colors

The 10 biggest (non-COVID!) science stories you might have missed in 2020

During any other year, these groundbreaking advances would have been big news. Here’s some of what you may have missed while you were busy washing your hands.

Dolphin encountering a man with a mask

What dolphins can teach us about surviving COVID-19

Unlike humans, marine mammals have adaptations that allow them to thrive with low oxygen levels.

Two medical professionals in an office, one looking at a screen

The frightening uncertainty of long-haul COVID-19

UC Davis Health recently launched the region’s first Post-COVID-19 Clinic to give care and counsel to the most long-suffering patients.