Found: bright young galaxies

The four galaxies are among the earliest and most distant ever discovered.
argentine ants

Luring ants for the kill

Pheromone draws pesky, invasive Argentine ants to insecticide, eliminating need for indiscriminate spraying that can harm the environment.
Denisova Cave excavation

Neanderthal genome shows cozy relationship between early humans

Population geneticists find more evidence of in- and interbreeding between Neanderthals, Denisovans, other human groups.

World's earliest depiction of volcanic eruption

Professor confirms that Turkish mural is a representation of an eruption more than 8,000 years ago.

Baby, you smell good enough to bite

Mosquitoes love the smell of our breath and skin. Researchers are devising compounds that they'll love a bit more.
mammoth bones

Mammoth bones find a home at Merced

The youngest UC campus is now the steward of Columbian mammoth bones, dating back to the last Ice Age, which were discovered in Madera County.

Fruit flies offer clues to salt influence

Animals prefer low-salt foods over high. Fruit flies help unravel the underlying science.

Big gap between 'he' and 'she' in animal kingdom

Riverside biologist's new book proclaims 'vive la difference.'

UC grad students driving force behind research

UC trains 26,000 doctoral students and 6,400 postdoctoral fellows whose work addresses issues like renewable energy, poverty, conservation and global health.

Sperm take 'twisting ribbon' path

Knowledge of the complex swimming patterns of human and animal sperm will improve could understanding of fertilization processes, with potential clinical applications.