fossil rings

Prize-winning explanations for those mystery rings

UC Riverside scientists solicited the public's help in solving an ancient riddle in paleontology.
carbon dioxide injection well

One-two punch could make western U.S. carbon-negative

Combining biomass electricity production with carbon capture could enable power generators to store more carbon than they emit.
Jennifer Doudna and Lorenz Mayr

Enthusiasm greets launch of new genomics initiative

UC Berkeley and UCSF scientists joined colleagues from the biopharmaceutical industry to celebrate the launch of the Innovative Genomics Initiative.

‘Frontiers of Innovation’ program seeds multidisciplinary projects

Program will help launch seven major projects focused on advancing strategic research goals.
boiled egg (iStock)

Chemists find a way to unboil eggs

It may not improve your cooking, but it could reduce costs for cancer treatments, food production and other segments of biotech.
Alan Alda at UC San Diego

A blind date with science

'M*A*S*H' actor Alan Alda shows scientists a better way to communicate with the public.
Argentine ants

The ants come marching in

UC researchers are studying ways to control the ubiquitous Argentine ant — an invasive non-native that's worn out its welcome.

To trigger body’s energy-burning brown fat, just chill

Those who overindulged during the holidays may want to get a shot of cold air to kick-start some extra fat-burning activity for the new year.
soda GIF

Research you've got to talk about

Academic studies from the University of California were among the most talked about research in online and popular media.
Pook's Hill

Discover Magazine features archaeologist’s cave research

Holley Moyes has spent the better part of two decades studying caves in Belize, but her interest isn’t just academic — it’s also helping to preserve the history of the Maya culture.