UC Santa Barbara is West Coast hub for photonics institute

Public-private partnership is bid to advance technology and boost manufacturing to create high-tech jobs.
augmented reality sandbox

Make it rain: Check out augmented reality teaching sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox lets users sculpt mountains, canyons and rivers, then fill them with water or even create erupting volcanoes.

Undergraduate discovers new firefly species

Discovery is among a few little-seen firefly species found in Southern California.
motorcyclist on freeway

Is motorcycle lane-splitting safe? New report says it can be

Car motorists may not like it, but lane-splitting at moderate speeds doesn't necessarily pose a greater risk for injury.
beekeeper and bees

Tiny parasite may have big impact on honey bees

Pathogen found to infect larvae as well as adult bees — another factor implicated in colony collapse disorder.
Ashley Fong, UC Grad Slam winner

UC Grad Slam winners score a home run for making research accessible

At systemwide research communications contest, graduate students captivate audiences while sticking to the mantra: Keep it simple.

Trees killed by sudden oak death

Citizen science helps predict spread of sudden oak death

Efforts to predict the emergence and spread of sudden oak death, an infectious disease that kills oaks and other trees, have gotten a big boost from the work of grassroots volunteers.

15 UC scholars elected to National Academy of Sciences

New members are recognized for their achievements in original research.

Scientists should advocate for research

President Napolitano calls on scientists to embrace the role of public intellectual at National Academy of Science meeting.
full moon

Stop blaming the moon

Busy night in the maternity ward or the emergency room? Contrary to folk belief, it's not the fault of a full moon.