Sama Ahmed, UCSF

Why more scientists are needed in the public square

The public dialogue about science is perhaps the most vital and most fraught national conversation not taking place in our country, and the ramifications are profound.

New nanomaterials take research to Mexico, possibly into space

Researchers will build working models with Mexican counterparts and seek to pair with NASA to create space-friendly methods of health treatment.

Honeybee hovers near a tower of jewels flower in a California garden

Are Argentine ants a threat to honeybees?

California sits atop a super-colony of meddlesome Argentine ants, and new research suggests they may be doing more harm than previously suspected.

hand holding petri dish

DNA guides 3-D printing of human tissue

Technique produces tiny models of human tissue, or ‘organoids,’ that can be used in cancer research and drug screening.

NIH grants to help turn discoveries into medical advances

UC Irvine, UC San Diego receive renewed Clinical and Translational Science Awards.

Selanops "gliding" spider

Eeek! Skydiving, steering spiders!

Biologists discover gliding, hunting arachnids in South American forests.

argentine ants

Among ants, the nose knows

The insects smell “ant body odor,” helping them distinguish intruders from safe fellow-ants in their colonies.

cat eyes

Hunter or prey? The eyes are the key

Pupil shape — horizontal, vertical or circular — is linked to animals’ place in the ecological web.

Pacific Research Platform

Researchers building high-speed data 'freeway system'

UC San Diego and UC Berkeley team to create Pacific Research Platform, which will transfer of scientific data 1,000 times faster than today's Internet.

Reshaping the solar spectrum to turn light to electricity

UC Riverside researchers find a way to use the infrared region of the sun’s spectrum to make solar cells more efficient.