Mountain lion

Power of the pounce

High-tech collars enable scientists to record the energetics of mountain lion hunting behavior, showing how they overpower large prey.

Four UC faculty awarded National Medal of Science

Professors from UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco receive nation's highest honor for contributions in science.
diapered baby

The diaper detective

Team of engineering students develop an inexpensive, versatile pad to detect medical problems in infants.

Breast vs. bottle feeding in rhesus monkeys

Infants receiving different diets after birth develop distinct immune systems.
GPS-outfitted stone and ice

'Sailing stones' finally seen in action

Thin sheets of ice push enormous rocks across the desert floor of Death Valley when conditions are just right, solving a decades-long mystery.

Antibacterial soap poses hormone risk to health workers

High levels of triclosan — a hormone disruptor — in antibacterial soap may pose a hazard to hospital workers, who must wash hands often.

Do gut bacteria rule our minds?

In an ecosystem within us, microbes evolved to sway our food choices.

Microbial-based antimalarial drug shipped to Africa

Thirteen-year project culminates with pharmaceutical firm sending 1.7 million treatments of semi-synthetic artemisinin.

The fix is in

Researchers synthesize a polymer that can repair itself in wet conditions.
squid illustration

Exploring technology of squid skin

Protein called reflectin could be used to improve performance of biomedical devices.