Neil Garg and students

Mix chemistry, YouTube and a special teacher for a magical reaction

An award-winning teacher, professor Neil Garg has found new ways to reach the next generation of scientists taking his non-nonsense organic chemistry class.

Berkeley-borne technology spreading faster than ever

Since Cal's tech-transfer office opened, more than 800 companies have sponsored research projects, investing important resources in many areas and resulting in significant patent and licensing fees.
Jim Velzy and Ingrid Parker

Bringing plant back from the brink of extinction

Experimental reintroductions are helping to establish new populations of a critically endangered wetland plant.
Greenland river

Geographers create 'easy button' to calculate river flows from space

The frustrated attempts of a graduate student to quantify the amount of water draining from Greenland's melting ice sheet led him to devise a new way to measure river flows using satellite images.
Marge from The Simpsons

A conversation with Berkeley Lab’s ‘Pi Guy’

'The Simpsons' needed to know the 40,000th decimal digit of pi. David Bailey was the go-to guy.
Hermosa study teen and participant

Taxpayer donations give cancer research a boost

When you file your taxes, consider supporting these programs — simply checking a box can help save lives.
Asst. professor Jenny Yang with student

Stamping out STEM stereotypes

History of commitment to gender equity in science, technology, engineering and math is showing up in increased numbers of female faculty.
disintegrating asteroid

Astronomers watch asteroid's disintegration

Crumbling asteroid has divided into as many as 10 pieces, the Hubble telescope has revealed; its breakup may be due to the effect of sunlight.

Aiming for the final frontier

UCLA alumna has nailed the first big hurdle toward a one-way trip to Mars.

Berkeley team takes its energy innovation to Capitol Hill

The latest in energy efficiency: a backpack-mounted system for quickly mapping energy use throughout a building and identifying ways to reduce it.