Social science

A young woman pitches an idea

How to successfully pitch your ideas

To successfully pitch ideas to project leaders, base your approach on their identity as an idealist or pragmatist.

Message on paper that says I panic when someone says I need to talk to you

Can you change your personality?

It may be possible, scientists say.

Two young children play together

Payback or pay back? Children understand revenge before reciprocity, study says

Gratitude is not innate in young children but learned (around the age of 7), researcher says.

Map of the Middle East

An expert's view on Iran

Understanding the country's broader context is key to navigating the current political crisis, Kevin B. Anderson says.

Politics banner

Divided GOP and Dems stand, united they worry in 2020

There's surprising common ground among the voters of both parties: They're going to worry. A lot, and similarly.

Young woman holding a phone with hashtags

Political hashtags like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter make people less likely to believe the news

When news stories include a catchy hashtag, readers perceived the topic to be less socially important and more partisan.

Maz Jobrani portrait

Comedian Maz Jobrani on noticing the good in his life

How writing down three good things every day helped the stand-up see the positive in life.

Glass half filled with water

How gratitude can help you bounce back from setbacks

It's not just for Thanksgiving — gratitude can help us overcome thought patterns hardwired in our brains.

Pitbull staring cutely on a rug

If dogs could talk

How we interact with pit bulls sheds light on the ways we reproduce social inequality, says Katja Guenther.

Illustrated people talking to each other

How to have better conversations with friends, family — or anyone

Hate small talk? Find yourself having the same arguments? Some tips to make things better this holiday season.