Social science

Two men stare down into a sunlit valley

LGBTQ+ youth face increased anxiety amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using social media, research identifies stressors among an already vulnerable population.

Lagoon lake with road in spring

Doctoral candidate’s award-winning research explores life for Latina girls growing up in rural California

Roxanna Villalobos shines a light on rural America’s diversity, including in the Central Valley where she was raised.

A line of young masked elementary school students

As K-12 students return, schools shouldn’t obsess over pandemic ‘learning loss’

After months of turmoil and fear, it’s important to focus on emotional support for students and teachers, scholars say.

An older woman wearing a mask looks at her phone

Text-message ‘nudges’ can encourage holdouts to get COVID vaccination, study finds

The researchers said their findings held true across all demographics, including groups that have been hesitant to receive the vaccine.

Person looking out from a cave at water

Why does it still feel so complicated to get back to ‘normal’? Pandemic cave syndrome explained

Reentering the public sphere after 18 months in isolation is no simple feat, scientists say.

Woman in a lab coat, hangs her head down.

The parent trap

Antagonism toward motherhood dissuades women from pursuing academic science careers.

Vineyard in the late afternoon sun

Majority of Californians still believe the state is ‘Golden’

Contrary to popular narrative, the number of residents planning to leave California remains unchanged.

Young Black woman with small dog working on computer together

Very big changes are coming very fast to the American workplace

This is a major inflection point in U.S. professional life, scholars say.

A couple, one not able to sleep

Why can’t I sleep?

Why are some of us insomniacs and others “super sleepers”? Researchers are finding answers in our genes.

Fireworks at night

Increased use of household fireworks creates a public health hazard, study finds

The impacts are most pronounced in Southern California’s low-income communities, researchers say.