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Fred Moten

Meet UC’s 5 new MacArthur ‘genius’ award winners

Four UC alums and one faculty member will each receive a $625,000 unrestricted prize, or “genius grant,” as 2020 MacArthur fellows.

Will Madrigal

UC Riverside is the first UC campus to teach the Cahuilla language

Students in the four-class series also study Cahuilla society and culture

Alisha Saxena in golf cart

New UC poll: Concern over current events could spur record numbers of young adults to vote

The state’s newest voters are paying close attention to the issues, and nearly 60 percent plan to vote early, most of them by mail.

Boy in a pile of marshmallows

The marshmallow test, revisited

Children will wait longer for a treat to impress others, new psychology experiments show.

Health care worker sitting on ground frustrated

Job burnout is a billion-dollar problem. Can we fix it, despite COVID-19?

Labor Day is here — a perfect time to reflect on job burnout, a problem that’s gotten worse with the pandemic. But the current workplace upheaval is also an opportunity to make real change, says UC Berkeley researcher Christina Maslach.

Man in tailored suit with arms crossed looking down with a hint of an attitude

Being a selfish jerk doesn’t get you ahead, research finds

Nice guys and gals don’t finish last after all.

Two students talking together

End of affirmative action at UC hurt Black, Latinx students, study finds

More than 1,000 students per year were deterred from applying to the UC system — but most would have been admitted, the study says.

Frances E.W. Harper, Harriet Tubman and Hallie Quinn Brown

An incomplete victory

The 100th anniversary of women's right to vote is coming up — but not all women benefited.

Little astronaut running video game

Ready for a cognitive workout?

Joint UC Riverside-UC Irvine study seeks volunteers to assess memory training.

Two glasses of wine clink

Do we know what we want in a romantic partner? Probably no more than a random stranger would

It sounds like the setup for a reality show, but science says it's true: Our stated preferences may not be so meaningful.