Social science

Little astronaut running video game

Ready for a cognitive workout?

Joint UC Riverside-UC Irvine study seeks volunteers to assess memory training.

Two glasses of wine clink

Do we know what we want in a romantic partner? Probably no more than a random stranger would

It sounds like the setup for a reality show, but science says it's true: Our stated preferences may not be so meaningful.

Richard Matthew at desk

What’s next: The future of compassion

How to ward off emotional exhaustion as the pandemic continues.

Woman holding a cat

Feeling anxious? Why a cat may be your purr-fect companion

The emotions that benefit our relationships with cats.

UC Merced statue

Newly funded COVID-19 research aims to protect the most vulnerable

Researchers across UC rapidly pivot from their usual research areas to address gaps in knowledge and care with COVID-19.

Black Lives Matter protest in LA

Faculty share insights on responses to the killing of George Floyd

Darnell Hunt, Robin D.G. Kelley and Kimberlé Crenshaw, among others, contextualize recent events.

Black man wearing respirator mask outside

Q&A: For black men, wearing a mask may be a health risk greater than COVID-19

UCLA psychology professor Vickie Mays on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in black communities.

Just married old car in a sunny square

Are we wired for romance?

Researchers find out how a newlywed's brain works.

Songs That Never End poster of a child and adult with a watery foreground

Professor’s documentary film about refugee family honored at Vienna International Festival

“Songs that Never End” is one of five finalists for best international documentary and can be viewed online through May 14.

Young woman doing a virtual interview

Ready, aim, get hired: Job tips for uncertain times

Tune out negative self-talk and follow these three tips from UC Santa Barbara alum and career expert Dana Manciagli.