Social science

Kara Cooney examining an Egyptian artifact

Renowned Egyptologist says it’s time to stop romanticizing ancient Egypt

Pyramids, pharaohs and ancient Egyptian gods reflect the trappings of authoritarianism, says archeologist Kara Cooney.

Young girl peeks into gift

Holiday gifts that challenge gender stereotypes can support children’s development

A psychology professor outlines how children’s toys can reinforce stereotypes and shares gift-giving tips that may help counteract the effects.

A young Black couple in winter clothes put holiday gifts in the trunk of a car

How to handle the holidays amid COVID-19 safety concerns and other challenges

Clinical psychologist Jessica Borelli shares tips for reducing stress during a holiday season that is almost, but not quite, back to normal.

Several planets and a red dot in a video game

The science behind ‘brain flow’ — and how to achieve it

Being “in the zone” is a real thing, and scientists are beginning to understand how it works.

Students protesting as part of the 1969 Third World Liberation Front strike at UC Berkeley

Racism isn’t rocket science — it’s more complicated

Understanding the history of America’s structurally racist roots can be just as nuanced as research done in a science lab, says Victoria Robinson, and worth celebrating as a way to bridge differences.

A box with items, like a piggy bank and a keyboard, on a desk

The ‘great resignation’ is a trend that began before the pandemic — and bosses need to get used to it

A record share of workers quit their jobs in September. A human resources scholar explains how this is a trend that predates the pandemic.

Justin Dunnavant scuba diving

Under sea and on land, archaeologist Justin Dunnavant is creating a more just future

The globe-trotting archeologist explores shipwrecks to study the relationship between ecology and the slave trade.

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May speaks to sociologist Orly Clerge during his Face to Face program

Sociologist examines Black suburbs

Many challenges follow Black residents to suburbia, says sociologist Orly Clerge, including access to education, voter turnout and policing. 

Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji on the set of HBO show Insecure

TV shows with diverse writers rooms, casts resonated with pandemic audiences

UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report finds Latino actors, directors and writers still extremely underrepresented.

Barbra Streisand headshot

Barbra Streisand to fund forward-looking institute at UCLA focused on solving societal challenges

The institute will conduct research into climate change, the dynamics of gender relationships and power, the arts and countering disinformation.