Social science

Stressed out robot still image

How to live well with stress — even in the coronavirus era

Understanding the science of stress has never seemed more important for our health. It doesn't just make your palms sweaty, after all: it causes health problems — and can even age you! Learn how to cope with tips from UCSF psychologist Elissa Epel.

Eric Perez in an office

Overcoming the ‘us vs. them’ mentality

A student-veteran helps at-risk teens overcome the gang culture mindset of hating ‘the other.’

Frances E.W. Harper, Harriet Tubman and Hallie Quinn Brown

An incomplete victory

The 100th anniversary of women's right to vote is coming up — but not all women benefited.

Men socializing over drinks

All along the pipeline, men promote men

At one bank, the cumulative effect of male bonding accounts for 39 percent of the gender pay gap.

Matchmaking banner

How two matchmakers won a Nobel Prize

Long before dating sites, a pair of economists hit upon a formula with applications far beyond romance.

Woman comforts another woman while sitting in a circle

Find social media frustrating? Try empathy

Many walls are put between us by social media. But we can start breaking them down by putting ourselves in another's shoes.

A young woman pitches an idea

How to successfully pitch your ideas

To successfully pitch ideas to project leaders, base your approach on their identity as an idealist or pragmatist.

Message on paper that says I panic when someone says I need to talk to you

Can you change your personality?

It may be possible, scientists say.

Two young children play together

Payback or pay back? Children understand revenge before reciprocity, study says

Gratitude is not innate in young children but learned (around the age of 7), researcher says.

Map of the Middle East

An expert's view on Iran

Understanding the country's broader context is key to navigating the current political crisis, Kevin B. Anderson says.