Social science

Sabrina Strings with her book

Where does fat phobia come from?

How did we become obsessed with thinness? It has to do with race, says sociologist Sabrina Strings.

Late night office

Who stalled the gender revolution?

Friendly attitudes toward gender equality increased for decades, then hit a speed bump in the '90s. The reason why might surprise you.

Man staring at future from his work desk

The future isn’t so golden for California’s next wave of retirees

About half of the state's private sector employees ages 25 to 64 don’t have dedicated retirement assets, a new brief says.

Angela Davis headshot

Emerita professor Angela Davis to be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame

She will be one of 10 women honored for changing the course of history.

Dirty laundry vortex

Men do see the mess — they just aren’t judged for it the way women are

Dirt blindness? Some say it's why men spend less time than women cleaning. A new study says that's not so.

Waterfall with sunshine

How embracing awe may set you free

Waiting can cause anxiety for almost anyone, but a new study shows how awe can dispel its effects.

Two bats flying together

‘On the same wavelength’? It's not just a saying

Bats' brains synchronize when they engage in social behaviors like grooming, fighting or sniffing each other.

tunnel with light at the end

The trip of an after-lifetime

A growing community of researchers are approaching near-death experiences from an academic standpoint.

A fake President Obama and a real President Obama, as part of deepfake explanation

New technology helps media detect ‘deepfakes’

From wrinkled noses to pursed lips, the distinct quirks in how we speak may hold the key to combating manipulated videos.

Mischievous boy holds ice cream and broccoli

How to make your kid like broccoli

Recency bias is the parenting technique you've been missing.