Social science

Amber in front of a fountain

What's in a name?

New tool streamlines students' ability to express their preferred name, gender and orientation across campus.

CalFresh table at UC Berkeley

Number of young people facing poverty has increased over last decade

An incomplete social safety net contributes to the problem, paper finds.

Woman changes out of heels into sneakers

Want to stand out at work? Do these things tonight.

How employees spend their leisure time predicts their feelings and behavior the next day, a new study finds.

Man in bed looking surprised and scared

Lack of sleep shrinks men's testicles?

UC Berkeley scientist Matt Walker shows how missing sleep can really catch up with you in his new TED Talk.

Two psychiatrists walk in Oakland

These psychiatrists bring mental health care to those who need it most

A program at UCSF is training psychiatrists to care for people often overlooked by the mental health care system.

Hands holding up a #MeToo sign

How has #MeToo changed the way we live?

A new study provides insight into three questions that are central to today’s media coverage of #MeToo.

Seniors holding hands

Preparing to care for the Baby Boomer wave that’s coming

Scientists examine how wisdom, loneliness, sleep quality and more impact the well-being of older persons.

Two women in 50s hairstyles gossip in black and white photo

Study busts myths about gossip

A first-of-its-kind study asserts that women don’t gossip negatively more often than men, among other conclusions.

Person watching a video on a computer

UC Berkeley students investigate war crimes using social media

A new generation of human rights investigators is already contributing to vital and Pulitzer Prize-winning work.

Margot Kushel with a patient

UCSF launches new Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative with $30M gift

Marc and Lynne Benioff's donation will create a first-of-its-kind initiative to research the causes of homelessness and find solutions.