UC President Napolitano on aerial tour

President Napolitano tours California agriculture

UC President Janet Napolitano witnessed firsthand the effects of the drought and learned about the university’s efforts to help farmers increase water efficiency and improve crop yields.
Tim Galarneau

Food system career started with a single bite

Sampling a tasty tomato set Tim Galarneau on the path to blending agriculture and food with sustainability.

Berkeley team takes its energy innovation to Capitol Hill

The latest in energy efficiency: a backpack-mounted system for quickly mapping energy use throughout a building and identifying ways to reduce it.
child drinking green smoothie

UC creates recipes for healthier diets

UC researchers and educators across the state are encouraging children and their families to eat healthier diets.

New technique makes 'biogasoline' from plant waste

One day, you may fill up your tank with gasoline-like fuels made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste, using a new process invented by chemists at UC Davis.
wave machine

Seafloor carpet catches waves to generate energy

Power generation and water desalination are among potential applications.
west village buildings with bicyclist

West Village: setting the standard for sustainability

The nation’s largest planned zero-net energy community racks up an impressive list of achievements in its first year.
photograph of Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

UC wins green building Super Hero Award

The University of California has a hidden super power: It makes buildings turn green.

Sustainability projects win honors

Statewide conference recognizes UC, other higher ed institutions for green achievements.

100 facilities achieve 'green' standard

New UCLA laboratory is UC's 100th LEED-certified facility — far ahead of any other American university.