UC Irvine boosts on-site solar power production fourfold

Campus will add 11,700 panels to three parking structure roofs.
UCLA cogeneration plant

UCLA creates nation’s largest self-replenishing fund for green projects

Savings from new sustainability projects will be rolled over to fund future projects.

Aiming for a carbon neutral future

Representatives from UC campuses and research labs meet to discuss the ambitious systemwide Carbon Neutrality Initiative.
Aindrila Mukhopadhyay and Heather Jensen

Boosting biogasoline production in microbes

Biology and genetic engineering join forces to fuel production of a type of alcohol in E. coli.

Solar power purchase sets stage for total renewable energy use

UC Merced will get 75 percent of its power from renewable sources by the end of 2016, and is on its way to being 100 percent renewably powered by then.
UC Davis solar house project

Designing a solar home for farmworkers

Solar Decathlon competitors aim to make zero-net-energy homes more affordable.

UC Solar works to meet state’s renewable energy goals

Institute sponsors seminar exploring the solar industry present and future, and the many creative initiatives being developed by UC.

Students battle for sustainability supremacy

The 2014 Water Battle — to see which residence hall can save the most water, by making just a few simple changes — runs from Oct. 1-31.
UC San Diego microgrid

Battery system will be able to light 2,500 homes

2.5 megawatt storage system — one of the largest in the nation — will be installed next spring.

UC Davis, SunPower to build largest solar power plant in UC system

Project is designed to generate 33 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and expected to reduce the campus's carbon footprint by an estimated 9 percent.