Call on state lawmakers to restore critical funding for UC – take 2 minutes to speak up for the UC community!

Things are moving quickly in Sacramento. State lawmakers are once again discussing funding for UC. Will you ask them to support restoring funding cuts for the university?

We’re grateful for the proposal announced by the Governor and legislative leadership that would fully restore cuts made to UC last year. But this isn’t a done deal – lawmakers won’t actually vote on this plan for several months, making it all the more important that they continue to hear from you.

In addition to asking the legislature to approve the proposal to restore funding cuts, we are also asking for additional funding to help close student equity gaps and support new, mandatory cost growth to ensure quality and access.

Research, health care, and education are more essential than ever, and the partnership between UC and the state is critical to our recovery from COVID-19. Securing additional funding for UC will support the wellbeing and success of students and workers, expand health care services, and invest in the next generation of students, staff, and faculty researchers.

Will you ask lawmakers to support restoring funding cuts for UC? Make a quick call using our customizable prewritten template.

Both options take just a few minutes. Ready to make a call? All you have to do is enter your information and wait for your phone to ring! A phone script will display on your phone that you are free to use or adapt. Offices log every single call and email, so your help makes a big difference.

Tips for making a call – speaking with a staff member:

  • Expect to speak with a staff member and be prepared to provide your name, town, and, possibly, your zip code. When you’re done, be sure to thank the staff member for talking with you.

Tips for making a call - leaving a voicemail:

  • Please leave a message! Explain that you're calling to ask them to support restoring critical funding for UC. When you’re done, be sure to thank them for their time.

A strong state budget for UC will:

  • Restore funding cuts to UC that support UC’s core mission of education, research, and public service.
  • Provide additional mental health, academic advising, and technology support services for students in need so they can succeed despite the impacts of the pandemic.
  • Support the well-being of UC workers by addressing small cost increases for health care plans and funding a modest pay increase for those in lower-paid positions.
  • Expand medical education training to underserved and vulnerable California communities.

As the world’s largest public research university system, we are confronting many of the worst impacts of the virus all at once. We are a health care system saving lives and distributing vaccines; a research enterprise racing to solve California’s greatest challenges; and an education system serving nearly 300,000 students. And as the state’s third largest employer, we are working hard to protect our workforce during the economic downturn.

Thank you for standing up for UC, and for working with us to help California recover.