The University of California is vigilantly monitoring and responding to new information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has been declared a global health emergency.

3:09 pm    June 17, 2020

UC Santa Cruz: Planning for academic year 2020–2021

When fall quarter instruction begins October 1, UC Santa Cruz will offer most courses remotely or online and provide in-person instruction for a small number of courses that cannot be delivered remotely, as is the case for some laboratory, studio and field study courses. Each course will have the mode of instruction listed within the schedule of courses. Whether in-person or remote, UC Santa Cruz is committed to the values of fostering community, ensuring accessibility and facilitating deep learning across and beyond the academic curriculum.

Read the letter from Chancellor Cynthia Larive to the UC Santa Cruz community.

2:47 pm    June 17, 2020

UC Riverside announces fall quarter instruction plans

UC Riverside has released a four-phase plan for fall instruction. For summer sessions, the campus is in phase 2. For fall quarter, the campus is planning to be in phase 3. Both of these phases reflect modified operations.

This means all classes will continue to be available in remote formats at least through fall quarter, and any class that is approved to be offered in-person will accommodate students who cannot attend on-campus with a remote option. UC Riverside will announce the instructional phases for winter and spring quarters approximately three months prior to the start of each term.

Learn more about UC Riverside's instructional continuity plan, and visit the U C Riversidecampus return website.

1:31 pm    June 17, 2020

UC Berkeley announces plans for fall semester

UC Berkeley leaders write: “We have created a set of options for you. You and your family will need to decide which course of action is right for you based on your circumstances, your preferences, your goals, and your judgment of the risk. Please be assured that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality educational experience and will do everything possible to support your progress toward a UC Berkeley degree.”

For more information on options and reopening plans see the full UC Berkeley plans for the fall semester. There is also a letter addressed specifically to graduate students for the fall semester.

4:00 pm    June 16, 2020

UC Davis plans to welcome students back to campus for fall

The University of California, Davis, is preparing to welcome students back to campus this fall if county and state health guidelines permit, and plans to offer a mix of in-person and remote instruction. The university is committed to reducing health risks as the safety and well-being of the campus community are its priorities.

Read more from the campus newsroom here: UC Davis plans to welcome students back to campus for fall.

11:54 am    June 15, 2020

UCLA update: Preparations for the 2020-21 academic year

UCLA will begin to offer a number of in-person, on-campus courses, as well as limited on-campus student housing, for the 2020–21 academic year, according to plans shared today by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emily Carter. To maintain safety, strict infection-control procedures and daily symptoms checks will be required for everyone coming to and living on campus.

Read more about UCLA’s preparations for the 2020-21 academic year.

11:42 am    June 12, 2020

UC Merced update: Fall 2020 instruction and student housing

The UC Merced academic year will begin as scheduled on Aug. 26 and will progress according to the established academic calendar until Thanksgiving, with the remainder of instruction delivered remotely through the end of the semester. Courses will be taught in a range of modes: remote, in-person and hybrid — with an overall mixture of in-person and online delivery. The blend of in-person and distance will vary by size and kind, with programs deciding on how best to use valuable in-person learning experiences. The aim is for 20 to 30 percent of overall instruction to be in-person.

Read more from Interim Chancellor Nathan Brostrom: UC Merced's Fall 2020 instruction and student housing update.

2:10 pm    June 11, 2020

UC Irvine 2020-21 academic year information

UC Irvine is committed to ensuring timely progress to degree for all students. All academic units are developing comprehensive plans that are flexible enough to handle the uncertainty associated with the pandemic and provide the courses students need, independent of the mode of delivery.

Almost all undergraduate courses will be delivered in a remote format in the fall quarter. A few exceptions are being evaluated, and consist of specialized upper-division labs, specific clinical and experiential courses, and some design courses in engineering. Details on these exceptions will be shared as they are finalized.

Learn more about UC Irvine's plans for the 2020-21 academic year.

1:54 pm    June 3, 2020

UC awards $2 million in critical research seed funding for COVID-19 high-risk populations

The University of California announced June 3 the distribution of $2 million in seed funding for important research across the state aimed at mitigating the impact of COVID-19, particularly among those at greater risk for infection and adverse outcomes. UC awarded the funds to support rapid-response, high-impact research in vaccines, therapeutics, clinical management, epidemiology and other COVID-19 related areas.