Data Tables

  • Proposal and award data for sponsored project funding from federal, state, private and other sources, by year, location and sponsor category, with an option for inflation-adjusted amounts.

  • Applicants, admits, and enrollees by residency, ethnicity, and source school type.

  • Financial support received, total cost of attendance, and net cost of attendance after financial support for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Degrees awarded by level, discipline, gender and ethnicity, with source school type for undergraduates.

  • The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is a biennial survey conducted at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

  • FTE of personnel by category and fund source.

  • This dashboard shows the response and completion rates of UC's systemwide surveys. The response and completion rates can be viewed by campus and by student demographic characteristics, as a table or as a graph.

  • Applicants, admits and enrollments by California high schools and California community colleges for freshmen and transfer entrants by source school, mean GPA, ethnicity and school.

  • Undergraduate and graduate enrollment by level and residency, discipline, and ethnicity and gender and for undergraduates, enrollments by entry status and Pell status by residency and parental income.

  • Student enrollment and degree counts, and undergraduate admissions and graduation rates, by disaggregated race/ethnicity category.

  • Financial aid awards to UC students by award source during the fall/winter/spring academic year and the full year including the summer term.

  • GPA ranges and counts for transfer applicants by major and CIP