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  • Meet Wikipedia's resident paleoartist

    This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist moonlights as one of Wikipedia's most prolific illustrators.

  • It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

    Wondering why you never seem to open that door right? A UC San Diego professor finally explains.

  • 'Bending the curve' on climate change

    Renowned atmospheric scientist V. Ramanathan of UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography explains how the state of California and the UC system together can lead the charge through the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and ‘bend the curve’ in global warming.

  • A 'parking lot pitch' to the Pope

    Last year, UC San Diego’s V. ‘Ram’ Ramanathan had an audience with Pope Francis in the parking lot of the Vatican. Ramanathan, who serves on the prestigious Pontifical Academy of Sciences panel, delivered what he calls a ‘parking lot pitch’ to the leader of the Catholic Church. Here, Ramanathan describes this moment and how it may have influenced the Pope’s subsequent position on the matter. 

  • Rebecca Braslau UC Santa Cruz magazine

    A safer, better plastic

    UC Santa Cruz Magazine

    Aging plastic leaches harmful chemicals. Rebecca Braslau has made it her life's work to create a safer alternative. 

  • Chang and Eng Bunker UC Santa Barbara

    A singular story

    UC Santa Barbara

    A new book reveals the extraordinary history of famous conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker.

  • UC Merced Fabian V. Filipp

    Sure, cancer mutates, but it has other ways to resist treatment

    UC Merced via The Conversation

    New research exposes how cancer can resist treatment — and how scientists can improve their response.


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