• President Drake vaccinates a patient at a clinic in SF

    Let’s get vaccinated, for our families and communities, says UC President Drake

    All of us have a role to play in bringing the pandemic to an end. UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D., explains why the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way we can protect ourselves and the people we love.

  • How do our bodies fight off dangerous chemicals?

    Cells are like night club bouncers, says UC San Diego's Amro Hamdoun: With every substance that a cell encounters, it has to decide which to eliminate and which to let in.
  • How much sugar are you really eating?

    In the near future, the Nutrition Facts label on the back of packaged foods will have a new look and more information. UC Davis' Kimber Stanhope explains how this will reveal the amount of sugar that is added to our foods.
  • Arthur Reingold

    Ebola 101

    An infectious-disease expert at UC Berkeley offers a primer on the deadly Ebola virus.
  • Vials with a dropper

    Outwitting omicron by making his own test

    UC Santa Barbara

    Graduate student Zach Aralis’s rapid test for the COVID-19 variant has already helped identify omicron cases and support targeted treatments.

  • An elephant looks down at a mouse looking at it

    Animals and the Big C

    UC Santa Barbara

    Seeking clues to the human susceptibility to cancer, a large study assesses the risk among other mammals.

  • Two men, both of whom received heart transplants, wearing masks looking happy

    Meet the ‘Heart Brothers’

    UC San Diego

    Two UC San Diego Health cardiac transplant recipients forge a unique friendship.


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