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UC ANR's new vice president shares vision

Glenda Humiston said she will look for ways to expand economic opportunities for farming industries and increase…
UC Santa Cruz |

Fifth annual Farm to Fork Benefit Dinner opens new Cowell Ranch Hay Barn

The dinner is the inaugural public event inside the newly completed barn that is becoming the headquarters of the UC…
University of California |

Jupiter-like planet discovered outside our solar system

International team with multiple UC researchers pinpoints young, giant planet with characteristics shared by those…
UC Riverside |

Among ants, the nose knows

The insects smell “ant body odor,” helping them distinguish intruders from safe fellow-ants in their colonies.
California Magazine |

Helping heal a hurricane’s scars

A decade later, Cal students are still keeping their pledge to New Orleans.
UC Newsroom |

Partnership with HBCUs gives students a taste of grad school

As universities nationally struggle to recruit more diverse students to their graduate programs, one innovative UC…
UC Santa Cruz |

Male elephant seals use voice recognition to identify rivals

In competition for mates, males recognize the distinctive calls of their rivals and avoid costly fights by remembering…
UC Berkeley |

Octopus genome reveals cephalopod secrets

Researchers are closer to discovering the genes involved in the creature’s ability to change skin color and texture,…
UC Berkeley |

Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior

They gather in groups, scare their prey, and get far more intimate than most other sea creatures.
UC Riverside |

Online health forums can be boon for underserved communities

Study finds forum use differs by gender, ethnicity and age.
UC Newsroom |

UC Irvine tops Sierra magazine’s green rankings 2nd-straight year

UC "dominates" rankings with five campuses among magazine's top 20 "Cool Schools" list of sustainable universities.

Summer class offers plenty of food for thought and experiential learning

UCLA students learn about food justice and access to food.