UC Merced Himalayas

What ancient DNA tells us about the Himalayas

UC Merced leads genomic research in one of the world's most understudied regions.

UC San Diego microbiome

UC San Diego key participant in White House National Microbiome Initiative

New effort to advance studies of microbial communities that live within and around us.

UC Riverside bacteria

Exploiting male-killing bacteria to control insects

A UC Riverside scientist's discovery of a lethal, sex-specific mechanism may help manage pest species in the future.

UCLA fructose study

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

UCLA scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage.

UC Berkeley tree of life

The tree of life expands

UC Berkeley scientists pull up biology by the roots and reveal new hierarchies in the natural world.

UC Davis autism cancer

Cancer gene twice as likely to be defective in children with autism

A tumor suppressor is found missing in many autistic children and their fathers by UC Davis researchers.

UC Santa Cruz pediatric cancer

Building a ladder to a cure

UC Santa Cruz researchers open a new front in the treatment of pediatric cancer.

UC Merced Fabian Filipp

UC Merced researchers identify drug that could treat melanoma

Scientists discover a genetic activation among patients with skin cancer that could be suppressed by a new drug.

CRISPR named Science's Breakthrough of 2015

Science magazine names CRISPR ‘Breakthrough of the Year’

Genome-editing technology invented at UC Berkeley is year’s top innovation.

Jennifer Doudna

CRISPR inventor calls for pause in editing heritable genes

Idea for summit on ethics comes from Jennifer Doudna, the UC Berkeley professor who developed technology that makes it easier to manipulate the human genome.