Global Food Initiative

UC Davis school lunch

How California is reinventing school lunch

30 million kids receive school lunch daily — and UC's Global Food Initiative is helping ensure it's healthy and sustainable.

UC Sacramento food waste

Nutrition education summit to tackle food waste

UC and national leaders will convene to consider new ways to optimize food resources.

UCSF veggies

Food is medicine for HIV-positive and Type 2 diabetes patients

Maintaining a healthy diet improves mental health and medication adherence.

Everyone in the UC Merced community can get fresh produce from the farmers market truck that comes to campus each week.

UC Merced Blum Center relaunching with focus on food

Will become hub for food-security-related research and outreach on and off campus.

More than two in three adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese.

Study explains how western diet leads to overeating and obesity

UC Riverside researchers identify pharmaceutical target for overeating associated with diet-induced obesity.

Children in Mexicali, Mexico, plant seeds while learning about food and agriculture.

UC helps launch 4-H program in Mexico

Agreement will expand youth development opportunities south of the border.

IGI logo

CRISPR research institute expands into agriculture, microbiology

Gene-editing tools may help prevent illness, improve crop yields and nurture a balanced ecosystem.


Feast will benefit Honey and Pollination Center

UC Davis to add pollinator-friendly garden.

 Small yellow croaker catch Previous Pause Next 1 of 2  Small yellow croaker is one of four important traditional species fished in the East China Sea.

Intense industrial fishing

How China maintains large catches and what it means for fishery management.

Dave Lieberman, a field mechanic at Scoot Networks, fills his water bottle at a water bottle refilling station in Millberry Union on UCSF’s Parnassus campus.

Access to free drinking water in SF neighborhoods driven by new partnership

Over next year, 19 new public water stations will be installed across San Francisco.