Dietitian helps student improve nutrition, eating habits

Registered dietitian Jennifer Hobbs sees and advises UC Merced students on nutrition and wellness, creates helpful programs and works to expand healthy food options on campus.
No-till cover crop seeding into cotton and tomato residues.

Conservation practices can help sequester carbon in farmland

UC findings point to role that agriculture could play in cap-and-trade programs.
Fortino Morales III is coordinator of R’Garden, UC Riverside’s 3-acre community garden

Feeding the world from UC Riverside

A look at UC Riverside's contributions to the UC Global Food initiative, including UCR’s community garden and how planting seeds on campus bears fruit for staff, faculty and students.
Triton Food Pantry

Triton Food Pantry opens at UC San Diego

A new service for all undergraduate and graduate students at UC San Diego, the Triton Food Pantry was launched by Associated Students Feb. 5 to provide discreet relief for students.

Global Food Initiative funds student documentaries

Films at UCLA on a single mother's struggle to buy healthy food and the impact of an urban garden are among 41 projects systemwide receiving grants.
Darryl Wong, UCSC farm site and research lands manager, tills the new three-acre Quarry Field in anticipation of planting wheat before the rains.

UC Santa Cruz Farm adds Quarry Field to further farming, education, research

Freshly tilled soil marks the start of the farm’s latest effort in growing food for campus and expanding the research and education work of the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems.
Steve Knapp, UC Davis' new strawberry breeder, checks out the campus strawberry greenhouse.

UC Davis, California Strawberry Commission settle lawsuit, set new direction

As part of renewed commitment to a public breeding program that creates new varieties for California’s strawberry farmers, UC Davis announces hiring of new breeder for Strawberry Breeding Program.
The water study is part of a five-year project investigating whether community-based intervention can help prevent childhood obesity.

Tapping into healthy drink choices

Low-quality water in rural immigrant communities could be prompting kids to drink sugary beverages.
The Google Glass app and illuminator allow researchers unit to analyze chlorophyll concentration in a leaf without harming the plant.

Google Glass app helps scientists analyze plants' health in seconds

Scientists from UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute have developed a Google Glass app that, when paired with a handheld device, enables the wearer to quickly analyze the health of a plant without damaging it.
Gustavo Arellano (left) and David Karp at the CAFE launch

UC Riverside's CAFE launch features two esteemed food writers

David Karp and Gustavo Arellano lectured on Tejocote and the history of tacos in California as part of the California Agriculture and Food Enterprise launch.