UC Davis oceans

9 ways UC Davis is rescuing oceans

Scientists are studying how oceans are affected by climate change to help us enjoy a better future.

Project RECOVER UC San Diego

Downed WWII aircraft located in the Pacific with help from UC San Diego

As many as 80 servicemen missing in action found by Project RECOVER's use of advanced oceanographic tools.

Tiny vampires UC Santa Barbara

Tiny vampires

Vampires are real, and they’ve been around for millions of years, according to a UC Santa Barbara scientist.

UC Davis reptile fossil

New fossil changes ideas about marine reptile evolution

UC Davis-studied specimen reveals how oceans may've bounced back from extinction 250 million years ago.

UC San Diego algae biofuel

UC San Diego’s algae biofuels program ranked best in nation

An algae surfboard and work on gasoline alternatives help the campus win for the fourth year in a row.

Coral reef surgeonfish

Care about coral reefs? Protect the 'lawnmowers'

A UC San Diego professor tells Science Today why conserving depleted reef-grazing fish is so important.

UC Berkeley shark proton conductors

Sharks are incredibly powerful proton conductors, UC Santa Cruz finds

Scientists discover an important clue to how sharks detect prey.

UC Berkeley urban water revolution

Water 4.0: the next revolution in urban water systems

A UC Berkeley professor designs technology to help infrastructure evolve.

UC San Diego catshark

Biofluorescent catsharks, glowing in the deep

UC San Diego study uses "shark-eye" vision to reveal how species may communicate underwater.

UC Santa Barbara mountain man

Mountain man

A peak in Antarctica is named after a UC Santa Barbara professor as a tribute to his research.