Coral reef surgeonfish

Care about coral reefs? Protect the 'lawnmowers'

A UC San Diego professor tells Science Today why conserving depleted reef-grazing fish is so important.

UC Berkeley shark proton conductors

Sharks are incredibly powerful proton conductors, UC Santa Cruz finds

Scientists discover an important clue to how sharks detect prey.

UC Berkeley urban water revolution

Water 4.0: the next revolution in urban water systems

A UC Berkeley professor designs technology to help infrastructure evolve.

UC San Diego catshark

Biofluorescent catsharks, glowing in the deep

UC San Diego study uses "shark-eye" vision to reveal how species may communicate underwater.

UC Santa Barbara mountain man

Mountain man

A peak in Antarctica is named after a UC Santa Barbara professor as a tribute to his research.

UC Santa Barbara biodiversity

Heading off mass extinction

A new UC Santa Barbara study underscores the need for better data to facilitate effective biodiversity conservation.

UC San Diego vaquita porpoise

Capturing public support for an endangered species through photography

A UC San Diego doctoral student hopes to reverse a porpoise's fate with a new camera she's developed.

UC Berkeley tree of life

The tree of life expands

UC Berkeley scientists pull up biology by the roots and reveal new hierarchies in the natural world.

UC San Diego elephant seals

What elephant seals can tell us about using carbon monoxide to heal

What sea animals share with heavy smokers could lead to new therapies, a UC San Diego study says.

Killer whale UC Davis

Wild killer whales to get personal health records

UC Davis scientists are driving an effort to provide improved, possibly hands-off, checkups.