UC San Diego elephant seals

What elephant seals can tell us about using carbon monoxide to heal

What sea animals share with heavy smokers could lead to new therapies, a UC San Diego study says.

Killer whale UC Davis

Wild killer whales to get personal health records

UC Davis scientists are driving an effort to provide improved, possibly hands-off, checkups.

Reforms could restore wild fisheries to health in just a decade

A UC Santa Barbara professor shows how quickly ocean sustainability can be achieved.

UCLA water treatment Cohen

UCLA participates in today's White House Water Summit

Expert on sustainability represents campus as part of United Nations World Water Day.

UC Merced McKuin

Is fishing truly sustainable?

A UC Merced graduate student finds the industry may have a bigger impact on the climate than previously thought.

UC Santa Barbara coral

Give and take

UC Santa Barbara researchers demonstrate how nutrient pollution can disrupt important ecological relationships.

UC San Diego jellyfish noise oceans

The talkative ocean: sounds of deep-water animal migration recorded

UC San Diego researchers find shrimp, jellies and squid may communicate underwater, much like dolphins and whales.

UCLA ice sheet

Antarctica could be headed for major meltdown

UCLA geochemist finds striking similarities between climate change patterns today and millions of years ago.

UC Santa Cruz oceans study

The wild, wild West Coast

Unexpected phenomena and El Niño leave UC Santa Cruz researchers wondering what the future holds for West Coast ecosystems.

Sloan fellowships awarded to UC faculty ‘rising stars’

Honor goes to 19 early-career scholars deemed likely to become the next generation of scientific leaders.