UC Santa Barbara cod

A recipe for saving cod

Scientists make a breakthrough that could help the poster child of fishery science.

Pacific Ocean at Scripps

Researchers can now monitor global warming due to human activity in real time

Scientists find the human impact on global warming can be distinguished from natural variability.

Climate change language UC ANR

Loss for words: Art, language and the challenges of living on a changing planet

Is climate change too abstract? A UC analyst says the right vocabulary can help us grapple with the problem.

Sea creatures UC San Diego

Underwater microscope provides views of sea creatures in their natural setting

UC San Diego provides a fresh look at coral — up close and personal.

A mussel lays down byssal threads to anchor itself to rocks in pounding surf. UC Berkeley bioengineer Philip Messersmith synthesized the bivalve’s tough glue in hopes of using it to close surgical incisions.

Fetal surgery stands to advance from new glues inspired by mussels

Lessons from bivalve's superglue-making techniques could help prevent deaths among youngest patients.

UC San Diego manta ray

Mapping out what manta rays call home

UC San Diego-led study will help protect the iconic, threatened animals.

Lehmann Pitchfest Berkeley Lab

From the test tank to the open ocean: Wave energy’s make-or-break moment

CalWave’s carpet-like technology, incubated by Berkeley Lab, vies for coveted Wave Energy Prize.

UC Santa Barbara reef underwater

Good news (and bad news) for coral reefs

UC Santa Barbara scientists have helped identify where reefs are flourishing, despite all odds. So why are others left behind?

Cheetah UC Santa Barbara

Will science find a way to save Earth’s top predators?

A UC Santa Barbara researcher wants to help slow-to-recover species flourish again.

UC San Diego vessel biofuel

Ship voyages on 100 percent renewable biofuel for 1 year

A UC San Diego research vessel realizes UC's commitment to sustainability over 14,400 nautical miles.