Power of Public


A thirst for knowledge

Attacking the drought from all perspectives — that’s the power of public.

Scientists look for pathogen that's killing sea stars

UC Santa Cruz monitoring program is helping to pinpoint what's causing decimation of key coastal species.
classic film scene

Archive captures breadth of moving pictures

Big screen or small, UCLA's Film & Television Archive has this medium covered.

The shot that protects

UC has played a significant role in the development of vaccines that have saved countless lives.
elephant seals

Elephant seals shed light on climate changes

High-tech tracking of how and where these ocean creatures live is painting a picture of how ecosystems are influenced.

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes

Inspired by tiny crustacean, researchers design composite material stronger than standard used in airplane frames.
pet dog

Pet care for the needy

Veterinary clinic provides free services — and holiday gift baskets — for animals whose humans are down on their luck.
student and solar-powered light

Let there be light — everywhere

UC Santa Barbara's John Bowers is helping bring low-cost solar lighting to Third World communities through Unite to Light.
URL address bar

Standing on protocol

Alumnus Roy Fielding helped develop the now-familiar HTTP that guides the flow of Internet information.
UCSF Glassbrain

Neuroscape Lab puts brain activity on vivid display

Neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley's new high-tech lab records the brain and body in action.