A woman grimaces with regret

Oops! You did it again. New test predicts if impulsivity is pathological

If you can’t stop saying or doing things that you later regret, this story is for you.

Young girl peeks into gift

Holiday gifts that challenge gender stereotypes can support children’s development

A psychology professor outlines how children’s toys can reinforce stereotypes and shares gift-giving tips that may help counteract the effects.

A young Black couple in winter clothes put holiday gifts in the trunk of a car

How to handle the holidays amid COVID-19 safety concerns and other challenges

Clinical psychologist Jessica Borelli shares tips for reducing stress during a holiday season that is almost, but not quite, back to normal.

Several planets and a red dot in a video game

The science behind ‘brain flow’ — and how to achieve it

Being “in the zone” is a real thing, and scientists are beginning to understand how it works.

A woman sits in a chair to receive treatment in a UCSF office

Hope for treatment-resistant depression: Brain stimulation on demand

Physicians have successfully provided immediate, long-term relief to a patient with severe depression through the equivalent of a pacemaker for the brain.

Nancy Chen still from TED talk

Viral TED talk on body ideals warns against ‘conflation of appearance with health’

Professor and medical anthropologist Nancy Chen’s talk on healthy bodies has been viewed more than 780,000 times.

Two men stare down into a sunlit valley

LGBTQ+ youth face increased anxiety amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using social media, research identifies stressors among an already vulnerable population.

A line of young masked elementary school students

As K-12 students return, schools shouldn’t obsess over pandemic ‘learning loss’

After months of turmoil and fear, it’s important to focus on emotional support for students and teachers, scholars say.

An older woman wearing a mask looks at her phone

Text-message ‘nudges’ can encourage holdouts to get COVID vaccination, study finds

The researchers said their findings held true across all demographics, including groups that have been hesitant to receive the vaccine.

Person looking out from a cave at water

Why does it still feel so complicated to get back to ‘normal’? Pandemic cave syndrome explained

Reentering the public sphere after 18 months in isolation is no simple feat, scientists say.