Colorful illustration of a head outline with a brain inside and COVID-19 virus floating outside

Feeling post-lockdown anxiety? We’ve got you covered.

Experts provide advice on navigating COVID-19 reopenings and webinars to boost your resiliency.

Two teens stand in front of locker in 13 Reasons Why

Can TV shows help with teen mental health?

A UCLA report suggests they can, but only when topics are approached in a credible, supportive way.

Virtual reality headset on someone

Virtual reality warps your sense of time, research shows

Psychology research demonstrates unique ‘time compression’ effect of virtual reality.

Young people working in an office together

Anxious about returning to work? Psychologists offer insight and tips

Many are experiencing return-to-work anxiety and stress when contemplating returning to their desks.

Black woman in mask looks at camera while socializing with friend outside

How to resocialize after the pandemic

COVID-19 took a toll on our relationships. Understanding why might help us come back together.

Kids watching TV

What are kids actually learning from popular TV?

A 50-year survey shows the values kids learn have changed from decade to decade, often reflecting shifts in the broader culture.

Collage of screens, people and brain imagery

Making decisions based on how we feel about memories, not accuracy

A new study explores the difference between subjective and objective memory.

Young Black professional in blue suit

New study reveals the ‘hidden costs’ of being Black in the U.S.

Near-daily discrimination takes a measurable toll on Black men, who do not enjoy the same improvements in physical and mental health that white men experience with higher incomes.

Texts from mentor-mentee and video chat squares side-by-side

Mentoring by text message

More than 1,600 mentors stepped up in four months to help their fellow students feel connected.

Woman wearing mask looking outside, forlorn

6 ways to manage coronavirus depression

Knowing what depression looks like and how to manage it can help prevent you from slipping into dark moods.