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Cancer gene twice as likely to be defective in children with autism

A tumor suppressor is found missing in many autistic children and their fathers by UC Davis researchers.

Five early signs of autism

Five early signs of autism

Getting a diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder as early as possible is important for early intervention, UCLA professor Connie Kasari says

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Biomarker for autism may aid diagnostics

Fragile X syndrome, other genetic types of autism are flagged; study also points to potential new drug discoveries.

Autism's costs estimated to be $500 billion, potentially $1 trillion, by 2025

UC Davis health economists have for the first time projected costs of caring for all people with the disorder.

Study may show way to predict autism or psychosis in children with genetic disorder

UCLA-led research may help lead to earlier, more targeted intervention for people with DiGeorge syndrome.
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Gender differences in the autistic brain

Girls with autism show distinct differences in their brains and behavior, compared with autistic boys and with normally developing girls.
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Brain scans hint at autistic toddlers' language development

Why do some children's language skills progress, and others' falter? Differences in brain activation may explain why.

Moms of autistic kids less likely to have taken iron supplements during pregnancy

Five-fold greater risk found in children whose mothers had low supplemental iron and other risk factors for delivering a child with ASD.
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Early intervention lessens autism symptoms

'Infant Start' therapy treats disabling delays before most children are diagnosed
Leonard Abbeduto, UC Davis MIND Institute

Autism summit brings hope for help

Researchers from across UC convened for a first-ever summit on autism — an initial step toward collaborating systemwide to address urgent need for treatments.