cigarette in ashtray

Investigating link between thirdhand smoke and cancer

Berkeley Lab gets $1.3M to study health impacts of the stubborn, noxious residue left behind from smoked tobacco.

Zev Gartner

Building human breast tissue, cell by cell

Zev Gartner's innovative work in 3-D tissue generation has earned him a spot on Popular Science's 'Brilliant 10' list of 2015.


Virus in cattle linked to human breast cancer

Odds of breast cancer are greater when the easily transmitted bovine leukemia virus is present.

data sheet and stethoscope

Crunching numbers to combat cancer

National Cancer Institute grant of $5 million will fund a massive effort to integrate data from all experimental models across all types of cancer — moving the needle forward on precision medicine.

brain cancer

Promising new treatment for deadliest form of brain cancer

Method combines chemotherapy drug with adoptive cell transfer, in which a patient’s own immune cells are reprogrammed to target the disease.

Stewie the cancer-sniffing dog

Employing dogs to sniff out cancer

Pups will put their superior sense of smell to work detecting cancer, especially at early stages, in humans.

doctor and baby

Precision medicine initiative funds UC Santa Cruz pediatric cancer project

State initiative provides $1.2 million for the Genomics Institute's California Kids Cancer Comparison project.

Blood cell research turns personal

When Min Cho started researching protein translational mechanisms in blood cancers, it was just an abstract concept. His perspective changed when he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease.
Tom Stutz

Turning the tables on cancer

A new class of immunotherapies is enlisting the body's own immune system to fight cancer.

A simple blood or urine test could catch prostate cancer risk early

Tests to gauge genetic risk ultimately will point to earlier, more precise diagnosis.