When it comes to breast cancer, common pigeon is no bird brain

Study finds the birds are uncommonly good at distinguishing cancerous breast tissue from normal .

athletic man

Working up a sweat may protect against lethal prostate cancer

Vigorous exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits appear to have lifesaving benefits.

woman holding bottle of lotion

Lotion ingredient may be more potent carcinogen than thought

Paraben, found in sunscreens, shampoos and other personal care products, interacts with body's own growth factors to increase breast cell proliferation.

woman preparing for mammogram

Mammogram time? Let menopause set the schedule

For those at average risk, menopause trumps age as determining factor for when, and how often, to screen.

Fighting breast cancer, message by message

UC Merced’s Susana Ramirez will lead a five-year project to create messages to help bicultural Latinas improve their eating habits and reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Alice Yu

A pediatric cancer drug three decades in the making

Experimental immunotherapy treatment first successfully used in the 1990s is finally available for commercial use.

artist's rendering, EXPLORER PET scanner

Researchers awarded $15.5M to build first total-body PET scanner

New technology could fundamentally change the way cancers are tracked and treated.

Study reveals key structure in telomerase enzyme — target for cancer drugs

Over-activation of telomerase in most malignant tumors has made the unusual enzyme a prime target for drug development efforts.

Laura Esserman, UC San Francisco

Five things women should know about breast cancer

UC San Francisco's Dr. Laura Esserman, who leads the Athena Breast Health Network — a collaboration of the five UC medical centers — offers insights into breast cancer.

photo illustration: US flag, military fatigues, dog tags, stethoscope

Joint program will enhance cancer care for veterans

UCLA-VA pilot project is nation’s first to offer veterans access to cutting-edge cancer clinical trials and state-of-the-art treatment facilities.